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August 21, 2011
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SFC8 Day 37 Tribal Council by SWSU-Master SFC8 Day 37 Tribal Council by SWSU-Master
Poor Geena, she and Iraenus came so close to taking over the game, but they failed.

Geena did not come out the way I expected her too. I expected her to be more of a story driver than the others, but she never really was able to break out of the supporting character role.

But yanno 5th place is pretty good, and even if she wasnt the most exciting character, she did have her moments.

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JAKERED2 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
okay not really but...........................FINAL 3

runner up.mel

true winner: freddie or malik
Orange-Ratchet Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2011
To be honest, Geena did not do much for me... but still, she was okay.

To :iconlasercatz:, I'm sure your character would have been a great character, but in this season, she just wasn't portrayed as so... but she did have a couple moments...

Anyway, Geena's fanfiction dedication!

A redhead comes into view, leaping at speed from rooftop to rooftop, a hunted expression on her face. Normal enough, although the observer might note a few things amiss: the martial arts slippers, pants, and blue silk shirt actually seem to fit rather than being multiple sizes too large, the red hair appears to be tied back in a ponytail rather than a pigtail - with a big white bow! – And - can it be? – She appears to be wearing some sort of bra under the shirt, judging from the substantially reduced distracting motion.

Still, whatever peculiarities in her appearance, Ranma is doing something quite normal: running at the head of a pursuing mob. The composition of the mob, however, has changed somewhat.

~From “All Too Predictable” by SomeGuyOrOther (Ranma fanfiction)

And with that, the story continues...

Looks like Ira is in trouble now...
WhichOnesTyler Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
She was awesome, but I understand her departure.

Now anyone can win. And anyone meaning Matt.
rootbeerblue45 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2011
lol @ ''jeanah''

ANYWAY, thank god she is gone. Most boring sfc character ever!
SonicFreak4455 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2011  Hobbyist
eh didn't pay any attention to geena
FroggyMudd Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2011   Artist
lol @ geena having "moments"

at least greg had is rivalry with mariusgod. geena is by far the most boring person to ever make it this far. i can't remember her doing ANYTHING interesting.
rootbeerblue45 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2011
Seh did have her moment lik Wen she forfeit teh first imunity challenge dur it was supper funeh!1!1!!!1
comicstrip2000 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2011  Student General Artist
On a story telling note she did fill the part. Just a little bland.

And with that so far my prediction is correct

5. Geena *tick*
4. Heinz
3. Iraenus
2. Matt
1. Melanie
author999 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2011
...gosh I miss Oehda, she's the best thing about this comic.
SWSU-Master Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2011  Student Digital Artist
at least you'll see her again tommorrow
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