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December 27, 2010
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SFC7 Day 28 Tribal Council by SWSU-Master SFC7 Day 28 Tribal Council by SWSU-Master
And Chrii hit them where it hurt like she said, and boy did she.

Ventious was edited to be the Superman in the season. The one who had a clear path to the end. And to have the appearance of never going home. Which was pretty much all set up for this. He was a good hero character, but just not made to win.

On a different note this is why I had to five Chrii the edit she did get. I had to keep her to not say much to keep this a surprise.

So sorry Vent, but its time for you to go. But hey, you made the Jury.

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comicstrip2000 Jan 4, 2011  Student General Artist
HAHAHAHA YES!!!!!!!!!!
:iconbattalionblazer: I thought Vent would go at 6 or 7...not
So Chrii is the villian in this season?
Coconut-Master Dec 28, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Swooso's lying; she definatley is! Just look how she's been in the minority forever! And how Dinah, Ryuia, Chloe, Phil, Wrecker and Quad are all N-toned, and against her! And just look at her edgic. Such a villainous bitch.
SWSU-Master Dec 28, 2010  Student Digital Artist
ventownage lol now PONDAROSSA TIEM
SWSU-Master Dec 28, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Well, Ventious is gone, which leaves me completely speechless. I thought for sure he'd be the winner.

Oh well, I'm smiling a bit because Ventious is the first member of the jury. So, :iconbttman:, congratulations on Ventious making it this far.

And now, Vent's fanfiction dedication...

"Make sure to push yourself up firmly on its back," Sazh was lecturing. "You don't want to kick its wings accidentally while mounting or else you're in for a nasty shock."

Hope was eying the Chocobo speculatively, and then raised his arms in attempt to reach the Chocobo's back. "I don't think that's going to work..."

"We could make you a step-ladder," Snow jibbed, patting Hope's head condescendingly. "You could share with Vanille."

"Hey!" The girl in in question protested. "I can mount my own Chocobo, thank you very much! Better than you!"

"Try a running start," Fang said. "Jump before you reach it. Ain't nothing to it."

"Make sure to jump before you run smack into the Chocobo," Snow joked.

"And don't kick its wings!" Sazh added. "You should try to settle your legs under its wings, so that it can still move as it wants."

Hope looked toward Lightning for direction, and she nodded. "Remember learning to jump the trees in the Gapra Whitewood?" She told him quietly. "I'll help you through."

At this, the Chocobo in front of them warbled in agitation, flapping its wings wildly for a moment and taking a few steps back, snapping its beak before settling. Lightning and Snow exchanged a short look as Fang exclaimed, "Whoa! You're a wild one, ain'tcha?"

~From “On Chocobos” by Shamera (Final Fantasy XIII fanfiction)

And now, the story continues...

This looks pretty good so far!
SWSU-Master Dec 28, 2010  Student Digital Artist
The Shit will hit the fan now
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