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So I was doing some thinking about how I hardly ever update my journal, and I've been thinking this for a while now, so I'm gonna do it. I'm going to rank the 10 thinks in SFC History that I think I just completely handled wrong and wish I did differently looking back. If it's a hindsight thing that I was unaware of while making the decisions (Iraenus's casting) I'm not going to count it. Only things here are things that at the time would be good choices.

10. Beta SFC12
So as mentioned the SFC12 you saw was NOT the SFC12 I had originally intended. Just like how in SFC7, I had the premerge there to mock Russell, (Which while Controversial, I don't regret doing it. Still kinda funny to me, just not AS funny) while my first Draft of SFC12 was going to be this but for the RI/SoPa formula of the Two Returnees + Redemption Island. Juiced Up and Claus would have been brought back and it was going to be chaos. Uri was still going to be the first boot, Juiced was voted off, then Ejected for punching the Player who orchestrated his ouster, Claus voted out next, Uri med evac'd before the first duel. Claus beats someone who had literally Zero Chance in Challenges, lost the next duel. Then in the Final Duel. Its won by someone who would be an exaggerated Super Nerd, who would have hated the Idea of RI and quit when he reentered the game. Forcing Jeff to Rage and scrap it in the Post Merge.

Certain Elements from that did carry over as I mentioned in my SC12 notes, but due to Blood vs Water having Redemption Island as well. Suddenly making that about a concept that WASN'T Dead just seemed all sorts of wrong, and so I scrapped the idea and started from scratch with much less time to get a desired result for the season due to the hiatus that was already active. But looking back on it now.... it was a bad idea, and while SFC12 still had some glaring flaws to it (Some of which I'll get to) I do think it was better than the Beta.

9. The Duo Twist (SFC1)
This one is just like the Medallion of Power. It's not that Bad, its just.... Pointless. Going into the season I wanted SOME new twist in the game, and this was the first shitty idea I had that went with it. Some of the pairings made sense. (Kids, Teen Girls, Older Men, Glasses etc) but as I realized that the cast didn't line up with the pairings, but I was even more stupid than I am now so I just went with it. And that's the problem with it. It didn't ruin the season, but it was just VERY Pointless.
What I would do to fix it: If I did an SFC1 Remasted. I would scrap the idea and just have Sky find the Idol on a whim. But I'm not doing that.

8. The Polly Vote (SFC2)

In the grand scheme of things, Polly is pretty inconsequential, but back in the days when Cook Islands was airing. I LOVED the Bottle twist, and the idea of working in Surprise Double Boots and working in the shock factor, but like SFC1 I wanted to add a twist to it, so the plan with Bitsy being the sole vote to eliminate Polly came into play. So even though Polly is kinda irrelevant. I do think she was fairly robbed by an unoriginal and bleh twist.
What I would do to fix it: Have the Brains vote Bitsy Immune instead of the Sole vote. The Brawns then vote Polly out for saving her in the prior round.

7. Sky (SFC1)
Not to say I dislike my own character, but he was made when I was in middle school, and I started SFC in middle school. He was bound to suck. I was under the impression that CPN = Cool! Like every other young Survivor Fan, so Sky was just a smug prick most of the season, and moody/angsty, not fun at all. Since then Sky's underwent a massive change and while I don't plan of Exiling his SFC1 story from his personal continuity, in story he's grown alot, and the Sky from SFC1 is pretty much nonexistant at this point.
What I would do to fix it: I have fixed it, but in terms of SFC, give him some more humor and make him less of a twerp.

6. Continuing Midway Island (SFC8)

Like Battle of the Tribes, I will defend Midway Island.... Premerge. As I've seen with several Orgs it can shake things up and offers a good premerge gimmick, but that's exactly what it should have been. Premerge. Like the Real Producers with Redemption Island, I didn't want my season naming twist to end after the merge so I came up with some idea that just was overall pretty bleh. I didn't need it to bring Heinz back into the game, and every single vote could have been slightly tweaked to make the story work.
What I would do to fix it: End it at the merge like it should have. Midway Island becomes a random hideout place for people to strategize.

5. Marty's Idol Lie (SFC3)

Now while I know this is somewhat controversial since I think some people like this moment. Looking back.... I just hate it. It makes NO sense. It was just early SWSU wanting to make a BIG move like he did in the first two seasons. And while Early SWSU can do stuff with Idols. Early SWSU SUCKS at writing convincing speeches for villains and explain detailed plans. That's nowhere more apparent than in this moment. Had this been in later seasons, I likely would have had someone call his bluff hardcore. (Not like how it was done in the season) and he would have been voted off in a hilarious OTTN Boot Episode, but I was determined to make it work, and while the story proceeded and didn't linger much after that.... I still don't like how I handled it.
What I would do to fix it: Rewrite the Entire Speech, give him some Extra Room for Believability so that Even the READERS believe him, and then hopefully reveal that it was fake in the following comic and everyone goes from "WTF THIS IS UNFAIR" To "That little cunt...."

4. The OTT(N) Seasons. (SFC8, SFC10)

After I finished SFC6 and 7, I somehow got it into my mind that OTT Characters = Nonstop Hilarious. And instead of having 2-3 lasting comedic relief characters. Over Half the Cast was OTT and the majority of the endgame was made up by crazies, and the problems for each season were two very different ones. in SFC8, since I cast for caricatures, and even the CP Characters were very one note, I had no idea what to write for when I was down in numbers and the gags had already been done to death. It got boring, while in SFC10, I decided it was a good idea to work in NEW OTT(N) Schticks which just pissed everyone off. While I don't normally say this. I do have to admit that SFC10 IS the worst season I've made and I hope that nothing ever passes it. But I also needed it as a swift kick in the ass to get me on the right path again.
What I would do to fix it: Simply not cast for one type of role. Maybe switch around the boot order some to balance out the endgames, as well as find more personalized storylines to go with each character.

3. Luke (SFC4)

While I will never regret picking a winner, I can sometimes regret HOW I have them win. Barney was going to win SFC4 once I started putting the cast together. After Sky, Ellise and Montana, I needed a winner like Barney, so once he was cast he was pretty much in the winners seat, and there was a lot of potential for a good story with him and Lilly that... Having Luke there to be his Natalie Tenerelli kinda takes away from his victory sadly, since Luke was more of an item than a player. Barney did not need Luke to win. And having Luke as an enabler turned Barney, who is a very likable guy into someone who was just shilled constantly by someone through their own personal choices and very little effort on the part of the "master". Bonus points go to either his owner giving me the wrong info or me being an idiot, but for the first several episodes he called Barney "Knave" Which was essentially him calling Barney his own servant. So I had to go through and change EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Luke said Knave and replace it with Master.
What I would do to fix it: Either have Luke take the hit for Barney at the F7 Tribal Council instead of Kala, or have Barney and Luke develop a relationship that's more genuine and a friendship more than just Luke clinging onto the Alpha of the Tribe.

2. Enter Lasts until the Final 9 (SFC12)

Let me make this clear. I think SC12 leaves alot to be desired, most of that is the fault of handling Enter. And while I do NOT Regret casting Enter. I DO Regret having him last until the Final 9. Since after a certain number of votes. The Idol thing got OLD, And VERY Repetitive. The criticisms there I can't argue with at all. Every single Tribal Council he plays an idol. Much like the castaways it goes from "Oh No!" to "Ugh. Not again" He overstayed his welcome by a LONG time and his elimination Arc just seemed too far removed from Survivor, even during the time I was making it, it just felt odd. That's when it became clear he should have been gone long ago.
What I would do to fix it: It Involves him leaving much earlier.  Focus on Bowser in the beginning, have him be the one calling the shots while Enter is all UTR1/2 and following orders. Build up to Bowsers exit premerge, while showing that Enter was the one leading him. Then at the merge, He Spawned the Canredon Idol too late and it would be invalid (Since SJDS wouldnt have happened yet) or have the corruptions start much earlier. Then he ragequits and the Jury starts at 11

1.5. The Sprites/Backgrounds (Early Seasons)


1. Bonnie Makes the Final 3 (SFC10)

It was tough between this and Enter, but Enter was a new character. Bonnie.... some people were sick of Bonnie off of SFC9, so I decided to give ANOTHER Full season of her, and crowd the endgame with even more negativity than there already was! With SFC10 Bonnie I regret it because it not only made the season much worse, but also I became what I was trying to mock in the first place. I thought that by mocking her and having people call her on her bullshit that it would be better, but like HvV and Russell, it still took up way too much time, and she did not need to make the Final 3. I was also under the impression that I had to up the ante, and it went too far at several points, and not exactly happy with those for obvious reasons. I just wish things would have been done differently, and I actually took alot of time in thinking what I would do differently if I still wanted the Jackie/Minerva Final 2.
What I would do to fix it: Given it's All Stars. Bonnie needs to be back. But like Enter. She needed to go early, and by early for her. I mean premerge. The challenge where she "Broke" Jackie's arm needs to come in play in the premerge. She needs to try and do that again. Doesn't need to be against Jackie, but SOMEONE she wants out of the game. She attempts to do the same thing she does to Aleksan, and breaks her own arm and gets medically evacuated. Likely in Episode 6, making the boot... not a double boot. Then Rework the season from there. That would have been the Perfect Karmaic Retribution for her.

There are several dishonorable mentions, but I'm sure that you guys have some ideas of what they are. Like a "Why isn't X on the list." Dishonorable mention most likely.
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